Giving up junk foods, meat, and etc… is one thing, they all have an alternative, but giving up water… There is no alternative, only options:

  1. Drink straight from the tap.
  2. Buy a water filter.
  3. Buy water from some mystic spring of the netherworld.
  4. Distill my water.

Tap water has obviously been labeled as contaminated beyond relief. A virtual no-no when serving guests or eating out at a fancy restaurant. Filtered water is all the rage, but something irks me about what exactly is filtering my water and what new chemicals are being added to my drinking supply during the process. Mystic springs are still treated in order to purify them and not to mention the need to engage in the vicious cycle of buy-and-recycle. As with the water filter, I try to avoid buying more products which only act complicate this dilemma that much more, hence my firm resistance against running a water distillery.

My hypothesis is simple and so is the critical thinking behind it. We have accepted water—and as of right now, I still do too—as a must. The act of drinking fluids has become an inescapable reality of society. My idea to experiment without water sprouted today. The seeds have been there for a while, unbeknownst to me, but now I feel them.

I want to know if natural foods, especially fruits and vegetables, could sustain life completely. Fruits and vegetables are 80-90+% water and this is where one must question water’s authority outside of its relationship with natural foods.

I am questioning it.

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