I am in the midst of something, but I can honestly say that I don’t know how far along I am. Am I nearing the edge? Is there an edge?

I don’t know—and if there is one thing my lifestyle journey has punched me with, it is that your present self cannot fathom your future self and that you can only climb your way there. I had no idea one could live without water, let alone be healthier, but here I am LORD (haha, kidding, but not about that water nonsense).

For those that were here nearly two Octobers ago, you may recall this dreary bucket—produce matching the chemically tainted fruits and vegetables I was eating at the time. My original logo.

Bucket of Apples Logo

I began building my website like I began this journey I am on. All the glamour of a Tarantino and luster of a quinoa tofu-stirfry. It lacked simplicity and was merely just a yacht full of fancy j-query sliders, responsive widgets, and my attempt to hitch a ride on the train going sleek. Many of those whining widgets that took so much behind the scenes cooing, have been axed, just like my logo. And much of the thanks goes to my readers who have made a few recommendations and for the sites that are doing it right.

Craigslist. Google. Google News. Reddit. Wikipedia. These straightforward few, and there’s more, but not many, make browsing a pleasure. Not a how do I operate this new BMW suck-series’ center console scenario.

I try to imagine the future of my website, whether it will be me just uploading camera snap shots of handwritten pieces or something even closer to my recently mentioned idols. My focus is to provide everything without further explanation being needed, unlike the shiny designs that have you searching for the very singular ‘something’. And like my lifestyle, I’ve found that such elementary redefining—requires so very little effort on my part. Because lazy can be beautiful. Oh so beautiful. Jim Carey B-E-A-UTIFUL!

And with that being said…

Stop by. Embrace some recently updated simplicity. And please continue to make recommendations.

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