We are too strung up on calendars, this need to numericalize our lives creates a false distance between all of us. Age shouldn’t separate us, just as skin color is the failure of our retinas to perceive similarity. Being a twelve year old should not impede you from speaking to teenagers, or adults for that matter—and vice versa. If we were to let our maturity and wisdom arise more naturally, rather than in closely regarded graduated cylinders, there would be less distance. When there is a distance, there is such a great disconnect amongst human beings.

We cannot talk to certain people. We cannot look at certain people. We cannot even be seen around certain people. It shouldn’t be like this.

There’s not another species in this world that sets such calculated limits in regards to how one generation can interact with another. Our butchered sex drives, which are far from animalistic, have led to psychological abnegation as well as physical asceticism. which in themselves, can only create further temptation, or temptation that becomes increasingly appealing with each slap of the wrist—very similar to how we develop fetishes. Even a thought, and you become the sex offender. Even a hello, and you become the inappropriately horny white collar.

No, of course you don’t adopt these strange personas with just a thought or brief salutation, it requires much more on your part. But this ‘much more’ seems to only be carried out by the extreme found in society. The rest of us are left to tackle our neurons and maintain prudence while avoiding all that’s perceptibly beyond thought. So in essence, those few that do in action, what we ourselves will never admit, even in thought, are deemed perverts, thus making any relationship between one generation and the next, ever the more difficult.

Our rules. Our structure. Our beliefs. These are surely to blame. The things we put into, on, or around our bodies, these too are heavy in blame. Our constrained interaction with all that is, is very destructive. I was my own witness to how my mind became the mind of another, despite still being wholly mine, when I was overcome with a lingering addiction, and even without this fresh experience, I wouldn’t have to delve too deep into my imagination to see why people eventually slip into becoming categorically extreme.

I dislike that we are not to have the thoughts that society propels us toward. I dislike the vigilance that comes with being an honest citizen. I understand the reasoning behind this temperance of mind and physical interaction we strive for in modern society, but I don’t understand society. I don’t understand the self-inflicted torture, teasing, nor the bullying nature of all to denounce another when this other has gone too far in thought and or action. This extends beyond the distance created with age, but I remain here, in typed words, because our disgust for such thoughts and or actions is too present to ignore.

Psychopath. Pedophile. Felon. Racist. And on. Each is an ongoing creation of society, but each becomes motherless in time.

People need to be more like buildings. Coexisting. Gothic near new recreational center. When we separate ourselves, we lose ourselves and become mere singly important data points rather than the whole which we truly are. It’s the science in us that continues to re-identify us into smaller and smaller sub-sects of acceptability. Our idiotic tendency in believing that knowledge is about acquiring more has led us somewhere else. We could take a basket of apples and do with them as we have done ourselves. Textbooks upon textbooks of exponential knowledge, but when you take a step back, that’s when you become most knowledgable. This is where you will find the answers to life. At the cellular level, there is nothing, but before you is everything. So look up and out rather than down and in. And be ever aware of the battle within—heed the itch, the bug that bites, and the queen.

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