Five-lettered advertisements. Hanging, fixed, or just idling up against some produce. It encourages you to support those who are practically neighbors. Those who grow things you eat, yet only live a pond-skip yonder. There are a faithful few that only buy local, regardless of whether it’s conventional or organic. Support our troops, support our farmers, support the hometown. Heroes, broccoli, yard sales, it doesn’t matter, support it.

If we are gonna support everything local and disregard reality, why not support the hometown homicides, serial killers, drunk drivers, fondling Fred’s, big business scammers, and people who just don’t seem to give an s-h-i-p, minus the ‘p’ plus a ‘t’, about you? Is it because these reckless individuals have already had their actions condemned? Their choices courtroomed and sentenced according to fame and public notoriety? What is it? What darkens their intentions and leaves the good ol’ neighborhood farmer free to rape our nutrition? Free to trot their stuff at the entrance of almost every grocery store imaginable—even Whole Foods.

I urge you to rethink your stance on supporting what’s local. I urge you to reconsider reality.

‘Local’ sounds nice when it is tacked onto some produce. Like ‘conventional,’ it eliminates the need to name these items: ‘lathered in poison’ or ‘toxic’ or ‘no longer edible.’ A man who kills his neighbor in this neck of the woods is front-paged as a murderer, not ‘local.’ A woman who ignites the engine, after a few hours in the pub, and splatters the contents of what used to be a family in every direction imaginable, is not toasted as being ‘local.’ Priests who do more than pray, they’re not praised for being ‘local.’ The brutes who manage the town and swindle our finances, they’re not ‘local’. Their actions, they’re not hidden behind a chalkboard’s enticing call to purchase. Their actions are inflammatory. Outcry. Rebuke. A patriotic hate is stirred when these venomous acts are committed, but rape away local farmer—rape away…

There’s a criminal at large and they live only a few mapped micrometers away.

Don’t support the local farmer—support natural. Support life.

Do you support the local farmer?


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