Clinton Recovering From Blood Clot In Her Head

Study Suggests Lower Mortality Risk for People Deemed to Be Overweight

“Still, it is possible that overweight or somewhat obese people are less likely to die because they, or their doctors, have identified other conditions associated with weight gain, like high cholesterol or diabetes.

“You’re more likely to be in your doctor’s office and more likely to be treated,” said Dr. Robert Eckel, a past president of the American Heart Association and a professor at University of Colorado.”

I’m not even sure if Big Bill is still crunchin’ plants or if he’s eatin’ burgers with Obama, but this clot is indicative of something—is it not? That there is some kind of disconnect in their relationship? A disconnect that has led to two clots for the most travelled secretary of state.

Bill’s a recent vegan and according to a quick query on Google, Hillary celebrated her most recent birthday with a vegan cake—a clot-worthy endeavor itself, unless of course it was an organic apple or something along those lines. I think Bill realizes now that a married man cannot fondle a White House secretary, but now Hillary has come upon her ‘Monica’ moment. A moment when she may realize that a former first lady can develop heart disease as well.

But wait—a study suggests…

Yeah, that’s right. Fat people go to the doctor more often and these medically trained nincompoops script them to a slow decay.

““Fat per se is not as bad as we thought,” said Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, professor of medicine and public health at the University of California, Irvine.

“What is bad is a type of fat that is inside your belly,” he said. “Non-belly fat, underneath your skin in your thigh and your butt area — these are not necessarily bad.”

He added that, to a point, extra fat is accompanied by extra muscle, which can be healthy.”

Eat fruits and vegetables. Four freakin’ words and you could limit your patient visits to one. A lonesome yet ever-so-happy ‘one’. But no, we play with words and fund studies with billions of make-believe dollars so that we have more evidence pointing to an even chunkier future with all the diseased toppings one can imagine.

Hillary’s lucky to have suffered the ‘fat-man’s disease’, because we know how to treat that. I mean, could you imagine—if she didn’t have a clot. We just wouldn’t know how to treat her…

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