Probably the strangest of them all. The one that gets all the looks. The back-pocket yellow in my arsenal that never ceases to do something, whether that something be a stare, a snare, or just some simple intrigue.

In some cultures, they eat the banana peel. For some monkeys, the banana peel is no peel at all. For my dog Sachi, it is a toy to drag around the carpet. For myself, it is the crunch to the mild-yellow soft within—the bread to my peanut butter.

The stem is a bit too fibrous to consume, but the rest is entirely edible. Not trash—edible. Personally, I think the black-spotted bananas have an off-sweetness to them, and for this reason I avoid them. It is the less-ripe, but ripe nonetheless, bananas that treat my ‘buds right. A peel without the banana is no treat for anyone. A banana with the peel? This can become a mouth pleasure in time as your perception of taste changes while you consume a more natural diet.

So enjoy, but this time, maybe enjoy the whole thing. Trust me, you won’t die.

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