Another first for me as I continue to chomp my way through the many winter squash available. I was surprised when I found cantaloupe inside and even though it lacked that sweet juicy flavor I both remember and savor, it had a sweet and somewhat juicy flavor all its own. Maybe it’s just my tastebuds getting used to all these new foods or maybe this squash has a bit more flavor than the comparable pumpkin and acorn. Either way—it’s nutritious. Either way—it’s edible.

Pale shell. Cantaloupe flesh. Seeds and webbed gooeyness that seems to hold them still. It’s all edible.

Grab a butternut and open up a can of whooooop-ass on this wonderful hard-nosed *cancer killer.

*Because real organic food does not cause cancer, I must retract this statement. It may and probably does kill cancer after it has been more than nudged into existence, but that’s besides the point.

Have you ever squashed a whole butternut?

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