Toxic waste from Greek yogurt poses danger to waterways

I can’t help but chuckle and twist when I think about how this Western world will throw punches, whether verbal, metallic, or straight-up passive aggressive, in order to defend their right to throw punches in the first place. With Memorial Day behind one corner and rounding around for another extended weekend this upcoming next, those few hotdogs I did eat will continue to grumble their way through my digestive tract and become the waste product at the end of some grimed with addiction pipes.

But stupidity goes beyond war and the many ribbony magnets that support it. Sometimes our stupidity tickles us mindless zombies to take the leftovers from the carnage that no gravy could suppress and to freckle our everyday lives with such hasty innovation.

Sometimes it’s a batch of chemicals that destroy the minds of our youth all while sticker-ing their foreheads with capitalized stigmas such as ADHD.

Sometimes it’s a new hygiene protocol, whether it be a needle prick above and behind one elbow or a new super-macho bar of soap.

And sometimes it has nothing to do with war at all. Sometimes the gears we grind on the homefront and in the factories that squeeze out the many unmentionables that we call food create a spectrum of problems that could do more than de-oxygenate our waterways and bobber a stench that could have been netted-up, frozen, and dollared away at the nearest Walmart.

Feed it to the livestock and let them sweat the ill-effects no doctor will ever diagnose?

Boom, Baby Boom. As our baby-boomers exit and pocket what’s left of social security, bottle this shit up and let the infants guzzle and nipple this Greek formula?

Pizza cheese? Whey protein? Electricity?

Endless possibilities being that it is the American whey—total pun—to never recognize stupidity and to always masquerade around town, painting it a shade of bright shiny something while the many hues of yesterday still continue to drip, drip, drip.

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