Type 1 diabetes vaccine hailed as ‘significant step’

Bend over. Order’s up.

Ignorance is entirely responsible now. Adaptive. Nourishment for those pesky beta cells that hyperventilate themselves on the sugary sweet toxins that are jawed upon on the daily—because whole grains and the many blipped and overtly subliminal hijackings are podiumed high above all, right there with vaccines, gold medal and all.

It may be possible to reverse type 1 diabetes by training a patient’s own immune system to stop attacking their body, an early trial suggests.

Personally—I’d DSM-5 these sugar stragglers. Fuck with their dopamine. Zombie their intentions. Unpath their feet from the forward progression of ordinary life. All in an effort to mouse-in-a-maze them to a point of cheese minus the self-pummeling.

But hey, if these to-be above-knee below-knee amputated inefficients want to poke and scrub raw at the tips of their dexterity some more—all in an effort to re-route the natural response to our very unnatural ways—, let ‘em.

Let ‘em fall victim to the future foils of more disease. More innovation gone awry. More discovery that leads to the eventual spread of more discovery. An endless ambition to always push somewhere because the now and current are always a hot-potato compromise.

“We’re very excited by these results, which suggest that the immunologist’s dream of shutting down just a single subset of dysfunctional immune cells without wrecking the whole immune system may be attainable.”

Yep. Hitler that subset. Those insulin-gobblin’ dysfuncts. And we’ll all celebrate this upheaval of evil and staging-in of the always better, just as we, the non-obsolete nazis, do today—with the echoes of cultural closet-laughs and the endless pursuit of blonde-haired blue-eyed perfection.

Prof Steinman said the effect seemed to last for up to two months so regular boosters would be needed.

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