98 percent of DNA is unnecessary ‘junk’

“So-called junk DNA, the vast majority of the genome that doesn’t code for proteins, really isn’t needed for a healthy organism, according to new research.”

As… antioxidants boot vitamins to the curb; yogurt slams the fridge on anything less bacterial; BPA finds a new cylindrical loophole; …in creeps reality. Sweet, but only in the moment—like one last addictive crunch, slurp, puff, or whatever.

I would like to reroute you to the fact that science is always heading down the trash-shoot. Sure a law on momentum is obviously beyond what scripture could rally up, but then again, it is this same momentum that oils up the brightest moments of yesterday and sends them sliding into that heaping pile of forgotten.

Really? Ninety-eight percent? Exclamation point.

It feels as though 98% of our ideas fondle this lackluster whim of whatever is currently skittering under our always better microscopes. There’s one way to tell when you’ve been whipped-up in this bullshit for a moment too long. It’s that point when a scientist—a wanker of testtubes—impregnates our imaginations with these amazing ideas. These ideas that make us rip our bras off and vacuum out our sweater-meat—organs and all.

Too soon Angelina?

Or too late?

Science tells us how we can prevent our future demise. Future science will nix these redundant fumbles and push itself further away from the simplicity that will never be bottled-up, let alone understood fully, as it is always something on the run. Never to be caught. Never to be anything near that textbook nonsense or daily rubbish found on the tube.

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